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I love to meet a large variety of people. I feel that diversity is the key. By knowing a diverse group of people, you are opening many new doors to many wonderful opportunities. How?

Because it broadens your perspective on things. Knowing people who don’t share the same ideas or thoughts as you gives you room to think more creatively. Be friends with people that think differently than you. You don’t want to only be friends with people that think like you or you aren’t growing; you’ll eventually be left behind because the world around you is constantly changing.

Part of this growth includes befriending people that are ‘different’ than you. People who speak different languages or have different cultures. If you can understand their cultures, then you’re already advancing in the world.
For my final Spanish project, we have to write about an aspect of Latin America. Because I love the music oh so much, I decided to write about music from the Dominican Republic. I’ll post more about it later.

What cultures/languages do you find interesting? Do you speak other languages as well?