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Majors: Computer Science

What is Computer Science:

Computer science graduates are called upon to design, install, and maintain complex systems in diverse environments, the types of high technology networks that serve as the economic lifeblood of modern civilization.Computer science majors program computer systems, maintain communications networks and develop the core digital technologies that influence our lives. They may study specialized fields such as artificial intelligence, computer vision and machine behavior. The purpose of computer science is to investigate algorithms, design efficiency, implementation and application of computer systems to the problems of businesses and government. The goal of a computer scientist is to maintain and create the most effective computer systems using the most current technology available. The field of computer sciences is one of the fastest growing industries today. As people rely more on computers, the development and maintenance of computer systems is critical. The computer science major or its equivalent tends to be offered most frequently within a college of engineering or in a college of arts and science.

In countless old Star Trek episodes, a baffled captain asked the computer for help, and the computer promptly replied with an answer. What was once science fiction is becoming reality, thanks to computer scientists working in voice recognition.

If you study computer science, you may learn how to design computer programs that allow humans and computers to speak to one another. Keep in mind, your work is more likely to help a vision-impaired person than a captain navigating the universe, but you never know. Computer science majors learn about computer systems and the way humans and computers interact from a scientific perspective. Instruction includes programming and the theory and design of software.

Are You Ready To…?

  • Regularly stay up until all hours trying to debug your computer programming
  • Build teamwork skills and friendships while problem solving with other students
  • Complete an internship designing Web pages, developing software, testing software, or building other computer skills
  • Join the campus chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery


Starting salary for graduates with a bachelor’s in Computer Science: $63,017 – $105,000

Graphic Designers- $32,600 and $56,620
Computer support specialists- $33,680 and $55,990
Multimedia artists and animators- $41,710 and $77,010
Network and computer systems administrators – $51,690 and $84,110
Database administrators- $52,340 and $91,850
Computer programmers- $52,640 and $89,720
Network systems and data communication analysts*- $54,330 and $90,740
Computer systems analysts- $58,460 and $95,810
Computer applications software engineers- $67,790 and $104,870
Computer systems software engineers- $73,200 and $113,960
Computer scientists- $75,340 and $124,370
Computer hardware engineering- $76,250 and 122,750
Computer and information systems managers- $88,240 and $141,890
Information and Technology Specialist- $64,200
Popular Computer Science Degree Jobs – Full List
Software Developer $80,500
Software Test Engineer (STE) $84,000
Senior Software Engineer $98,000
Software Development Manager $115,000
Software Architect $116,000
Programmer Analyst $74,800
Systems Developer $93,800
Web Developer $58,000
Software Development Engineer, Test (SDET) $82,000
Application Support Analyst $69,000
Computer Systems Analyst $68,300
Database Administrator (DBA) $85,100
Systems Administrator $62,900
Systems Engineer (IT) $83,300
Systems Analyst $81,900
Network Administrator, IT $59,000
Network Engineer, IT $83,900
Business Analyst, IT $81,500
Program Manager, IT $111,000
For 2011 graduates, several computer-related majors were on their list of the top-paid majors for bachelor’s degree graduates. More than 56 percent of computer science majors of the class of 2011 who applied for a job before graduating received an offer, making computer science the major with the highest offer rate.

Here’s a tip for incoming and current college students: If you want to have a high-paying job on graduation day, study computer science.

#5 on list of top 15 lucrative degrees, right after Computer Engineering as of July 24, 2009

Top 10 Colleges for Computer Science:

(If you’re unsure about college go to (See College Search Made Simple) it has all the information you need about school. It allows you to fill out a profile about what you plan to do and what colleges you’re interested in then colleges can contact you and you choose whether to share your information with them or not. They also have hundreds of scholarships and it tells you what your chances are of getting in and what is required to apply.)

  • 1 RANKED

Carnegie Mellon University

School of Computer Science 5000 Forbes Avenue Pittsburgh, PA, 15213-3891

  • 1 RANKED

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Room 38-401 Cambridge, MA, 02139-4307

  • 1 RANKED

Stanford University

Department of Computer Science 353 Serra Mall Stanford, CA, 94305-9025

  • 1 RANKED

University of California–Berkeley

Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science 205 Cory Hall Berkeley, CA, 94720-1770

  • 5 RANKED

Cornell University

Department of Computer Science 4130 Upson Hall Ithaca, NY, 14853-7501
SCORE: 4.6

  • 5 RANKED

University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign

Thomas M. Siebel Center for Computer Science 201 N. Goodwin Avenue Urbana, IL, 61801
SCORE: 4.6

  • 7 RANKED

University of Washington

Computer Science and Engineering AC101 Paul G. Allen Center, Box 352350 Seattle, WA, 98195-2350
SCORE: 4.5

  • 8 RANKED

Princeton University

Department of Computer Science 35 Olden Street Princeton, NJ, 08540-5233
SCORE: 4.4

  • 8 RANKED

University of Texas-Austin

Department of Computer Sciences 1 University Station C0500 Austin, TX, 78712-1188
SCORE: 4.4

  • 10 RANKED

Georgia Institute of Technology

College of Computing 801 Atlantic Drive Atlanta, GA, 30332-0280
SCORE: 4.3