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Why Crying Helps

It is a known fact that crying helps you to feel better. You’re body releases harmful toxins through tears. So why is it that “men don’t cry?” Here are a few reasons why you should.

According to, tears not only relieve stress, but also sooth the mind and heal the body. Emotional tears contain high traces of protein, manganese, potassium, and hormones such as prolactin. Manganese is an essential nutrient. A lack of manganese can lead to slowed blood clotting, skin problems, and lowered cholesterol levels, while too much, on the other hand, can cause health issues. Potassium is involved in blood pressure, nerve working, and muscle control. Prolactin is involved in stress and the immune system. Because women naturally have more prolactin than men, women tend to cry more (women cry 47 times annually, while men only cry 7 times annually). The levels of prolactin rise during pregnancy, explaining why women cry more during this time.

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