Political Parties

Political Parties

In Government, my teacher was discussing how many Americans are uninformed when it comes to politics so he had us write a paper summarizing the stances of three different parties. We were to write about four issues from the party platforms of both Democrats and Republicans, as well as a summary of a third party of our choice.



Democrats believe in passing the DREAM Act, legislation allowing those who clear a background check, work hard, and pay taxes to become legal residents and ultimately citizens. They also believe in Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, a program allowing certain eligible youth to remain in the country without the possibility of deportation. Democrats plan to “hasten family reunification for parents and children, husbands and wives, and offer more English-language and civic education classes so immigrants can assume all the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. [They] also plan to work with our neighbors to strengthen our security so we are safer from those who would come here to harm us (Democratic Party on Immigration).” Democrats support reforming the INS to provide better services and reducing the backlog of citizenship applications. Democrats believe in the punishment of employers who recruit undocumented workers in order to exploit them. This undermines American workers. Democrats support securing our borders to reduce illegal immigration.

Republicans oppose any form of amnesty as more than one million immigrants are granted permanent residence each year. Republicans support the mandatory use of Systematic Alien Verification for Entitlements, a system that verifies the lawful presence of applicants, as well as E-verify, a system that verifies the employment authorization and identity of employees. They believe in securing jobs for Americans and legal residents so that when jobs are needed, we are protected from illegal labor and exploitation. Republicans support using biometric data to better track foreign travelers, as they believe it is crucial to know the identity of all visitors who enter the US as well as when they leave. Republicans plan to equip the Border Patrol with the tools, technologies, structures, and sufficient force necessary to secure the border. They plan punish those who smuggle undocumented immigrants into the country as well as those who sell fraudulent documents. They support legal immigration through tightly controlled borders in order to ensure the structured, legal, safe, and humane system of immigration. Republicans plan to increase border control, give priority to spouses and children, emphasize needed skills in determining eligibility for admission, take advantage of the Labor Certification Program to match qualified workers with urgent work, and reform the Immigration and Naturalization Service by splitting its functions into two agencies, one focusing on enforcement and one exclusively devoted to service (Republican Party on Immigration). They will also deny federal financing to universities that allow illegal immigrant students to enroll at lower in-state tuition rates.



Democrats support a partnership with faith-based organizations to serve the people in need. They also support increasing the Earned Income Tax Credit as well as child support enforcement. They believe in decentralizing the central government by finding ways to use faith-based organizations to promote the general welfare of those in need. Democrats seek to expand the middle class and extend child credits to aid parents who work full-time, yet still raise their children in poverty. Democrats plan to provide parents with the opportunity to work by making sure they can get the health care, child care, and transportation they need.

Republicans on Welfare:
Republicans believe religious charities should not be subject to taxation and all donations to them should continue to be tax-deductible. They understand that we need to move more people into the workforce and off of the welfare rolls. Too many people rely on welfare for fear that they cannot find a job. They support welfare reform by strengthening work requirements, offering training, transportations, and child care services. Like Democrats, Republicans also support a partnership with religious charities. Republicans plan to reward work with tax reform, cut the rate for those on tax rolls, and double the child tax credit to $1,000. They also plan to implement the “American Dream Down Payment” program, which will allow a half million families who currently draw federal rental assistance to become homeowners (Republican Party on Welfare and Poverty), increase the supply of affordable housing by establishing the Renewing the Dream tax credit, and build savings and personal wealth through Individual Development Accounts. They believe “after-school programs should be fully open to the community and faith-based groups that know best how to reach out to our children and help them reach their true potential (Republican Party on Welfare and Poverty).”

Taxes & Government Spending:


Democrats plan to lower taxes on the poor and raise them on the rich. They believe this will reward work and create wealth for more people instead of securing wealth for the already wealthy. They will” cut taxes for ninety-eight percent of Americans and help families meet the economic challenges of their everyday lives. And we will oppose tax increases on middle class families, including those living abroad (Democratic Party on Tax Reform).” According to ontheissues.org, Democrats want to give middle class families tax cuts that will not injure economic vitality. They plan to root out pork spending and cut out the waste of taxpayer dollars.


Republicans believe too much taxation and government regulation hinders the growth of the economy. They want to lower taxes and reduce government regulation to encourage the creation of new jobs. Republicans believe taxes reduce our freedom and therefore should only be used to promote essential services and provide for those who cannot provide for themselves. With that being said, Republicans do not support “the use of taxation to redistribute income” or to “fund unnecessary or ineffective programs.” They believe a reformed tax code is necessary to promote simplicity, coherence, savings, and innovation. They plan to reform the tax code by reducing marginal rates by twenty percent; eliminate the taxes on interest, dividends, and capital gains for lower and middle-income taxpayers; and extend the Bush tax cuts.

Foreign Policy:


Democrats support cooperation and leadership within international institutions, such as the United Nations. This is vital to national security as well as the advancement of “peace, security, and opportunity.” They believe it is important to commit to a “One China” policy but also to support Taiwan in regards to the “wishes and best interests of the Taiwanese people”. They plan to secure Chinese adherence international trade, nonproliferation and human rights standards. Democrats also plan to maintain a strong relationship with Japan as well as enhance relations with South Korea, India, and Pakistan. They believe this will “advance our collaborative efforts on economic and security issues.” Democrats seek to to aid Africa and collaborate with the United Nations to achieve economic and humanitarian goals.


Republicans believe in isolating radical elements in the Middle East that “do not meet the standards of peace and diplomacy of the international community.” Republicans support a continued partnership with Iraq and wish to “preserve and protect the ethnic and religious diversity of their nation.” They want to use foreign aid to help develop third world countries, which they believe is much more effective and far less costly than military engagement. Republicans believe that nations who support terrorism are just as guilty as the terrorists themselves. Republicans have been working with over eighty allies to confront terrorists and outlaw terrorist regimes (Republican Party on Foreign Policy).

Third Parties:
The United States Pirate Party is a third party that advocates piracy, or the illegal downloading of copyrighted works. They believe “the ability to freely share information is a key right in a democratic society.” They seek to abolish the ban on file sharing as they see this as a violation of privacy. While they acknowledge they may never win an election, the Pirate Party is determined the ban on file sharing has done more harm than good as younger generations are being arrested for piracy.


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