Food for Thought

I love to write poetry and my poems are generally about love. Because my poems are oh so loving, people often ask me who they are about or if I really feel that way. To be completely honest, I write just for the sake of writing. Sometimes they’re based on things that I have seen; couples who obviously love one another. Sometimes they’re based on how I imagine falling in love would be. I’m a bit of a dreamer so I find it pretty easy to fantasize, I guess you could say day dream, about what it would be like. How it should be at least. However, it’s not always lollypops and gumdrops. Heartache does exist so I write about that as well. It’s not always that I have experienced it, just that I was thinking about it when I had a pen in my hand.


About Sierra

I'm an accounting major at Texas State University with a passion for all things international. I'm going to learn Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and possibly German one day. I've been speaking Spanish for 8 years and my dream is to one day travel across Latin America. DREAM Act 2015!

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