Stubborn Parents- How to Convince Them

“No,” seems to be some parents’ favorite word. (Right after the phrase,”Because I said so!”) But there are some ways that they can be convinced, it just takes some time & work.

Be polite and mature when asking & show them why you deserve something new. Keep your grades up, do chores regularly, and even get a job. In short, demonstrate responsibility.

Show them how it will benefit you. Whether it’s a laptop that will help you with school or a car to drive to work, it’s hard to say no when there’s logic behind it. Also show them how it will benefit them or your entire family. Whether it will save your parents time or save money in the long run, they have to know that it won’t just be a waste.

Parents will often think that you want something just because it’s “cool”. They will ask for your reasoning, & it better be a lot better than it just being “cool.” Your reason has to be logical & full of research. Parents sometimes say no because they don’t quite understand whatever it is you want to get. Do extensive research & be able to explain it and answer questions. If you don’t know the answers, contact someone who will (a professional, not a friend). Present your parents with an essay, powerpoint, or other source of information based on solid facts. Keep in mind your parents want to make sure you have fully thought it out. Show them that you understand their concerns, and try to do whatever it takes to help them understand that it’s probably not as bad as they think.

If your parents need time to “think about it,” write down your proposal, arguments for it, and the compromises you’re willing to make. Give them the essay or powerpoint to help them in the process. If you’ve tried everything you could and your parents are still dead set against it, just let it go. Before you know it, you’ll be old enough to make your own decisions and can do whatever you want. If you can calmly accept “no” as an answer, your parents may eventually change their minds.

Hearing “no” doesn’t mean there’s absolutely no possibility, it just means you have to do proper research to try to convince them. Even if you still can’t get whatever you want, you can always wait.



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I'm an accounting major at Texas State University with a passion for all things international. I'm going to learn Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and possibly German one day. I've been speaking Spanish for 8 years and my dream is to one day travel across Latin America. DREAM Act 2015!

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  1. accepting the parent’s ‘no’ is better than your suggestions

    • Thank you jafrin,
      I’m curious to know if you have tried any of my suggestions?
      As I mentioned in the post, sometimes parents say no because they don’t understand why we want something or because they don’t think we know enough about it. In that case, my suggestions, such as doing research, would be helpful. The suggestions are even more effective if presented before the reader asks for whatever it is that they want. I am in no way encouraging rebellion (which is why I said to just let it go if they still say no), however there is nothing wrong with voicing your thoughts as long as they are not disrespectful. My father has always told me, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Meaning, he is willing to listen to whatever I say as long as it does not come across the wrong way (as mentioned in the post: be polite and mature).

      What do you think would be better suggestions?

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