YOU Can Go Anywhere in the WORLD

What if I told you that you can go anywhere in the world? Maybe you want to honeymoon in Hawaii. Or maybe you want to go skiing in Austria. Whatever the case may be, Amazingly Affordable Vacations is “destined to make your destination possible”. With AAV, you can go anywhere that your heart desires. There are no limits. It was created with you in mind.

Amazingly Affordable Vacations is a travel company that’s meant to get you anywhere that you want to go. Whether you want to go flamenco dancing in Spain, or take your family on a cruise. Maybe you just want to get away and relax in Virginia, AAV always has you in mind.

I was able to get an interview with the owner of Amazingly Affordable Vacations so that you can see why you should choose this company to plan your next vacation. My family uses this business for all of our trips, mainly because the owner is my mom. Nevertheless, here’s why you should trust AAV to give you the time of your life.

Q– How did your business come about?
A– It began as a hobby. I like to plan a lot of vacations for family and friends. Everyone said that I did such a great job that I should start a business, so I did.

Q– How much do you charge? Does your fee change depending on the amount of people?
A– I charge $145 total for a family of 5. It’s $25 for a non-refundable application fee and $120 for services. I also have payment plans included on my website. You will only be charged once the package is complete and agreed upon.

Q– What kind of things do you set up as far as accomodations and transportation goes?
A– I do everything depending on your budget. I will either get you a hotel or a vacation home and a rental car or a chauffeur. I also arrange events and activities. I search for activities that the client enjoys within the area. I also take their ages into consideration so the whole family will enjoy themselves. All they have to do is show up. I plan everything and create an itinerary so they won’t miss out on anything.

Q– What do you do when your clients don’t know where to go? Where do you suggest?
A– I have a huge database that I look into. I ask where they dream of going and I begin from there. I recommend hot, sunny climates for enjoyable weather. I also factor in their ages so that everyone will enjoy their stay.

Q– What are a few travel safety tips?
A– Don’t carry too much cash and don’t go anywhere that looks deserted or like it has a lot of gang activity. If you get lost, stop somewhere public like a restaurant or store and ask for directions. Speak from a distance and if you have to stop in the street, only roll your window half way down. Don’t draw too much attention to yourself because you don’t want to look like a tourist. Don’t travel alone in unknown areas. If it looks dangerous, it probably is. Be mindful of the culture in the area that you are traveling in. Carry a language dictionary and always be aware of your surroundings. You should also get travel insurance if you are traveling overseas. Some people get it under their renters insurance.

Q– How do you set up trips outside the US?
A– You should get a passport first. For some cruise ships you only need a state ID, but you should always have a passport and get it updated every 10 years. I ask my clients if they want a cruise or a flight and if they are visiting family or not. If they are visiting family they may not need a hotel. I look for a 4 or 5 star hotel. If their budget doesn’t allow it, then I will look for the next best thing. I always give you the most bang for your buck. I look for the best things, for the least amount of money.

If you want to finally go on the vacation of your dreams then you should contact Tenisha Sutton and she’ll make sure you have the time of your life. She’ll take really good care of you and you will never regret it. What are you waiting for? Contact her now! Paradise awaits you =D

Fax: 317-780-1746

Phone: 317-250-1112


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I'm an accounting major at Texas State University with a passion for all things international. I'm going to learn Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and possibly German one day. I've been speaking Spanish for 8 years and my dream is to one day travel across Latin America. DREAM Act 2015!

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